All-inclusive Pre-Vacation checklist + Printable!

I’ve been travelling since I was a little baby. I like to joke that my first ever trip was when my parents were on their honeymoon in Greece – seeing as my mom was pregnant with me at the time.

Of course I’ve been travelling plenty since birth, too! Most of my holidays have taken place all around Europe: I love Madrid, but hate London, and was stunned by the lack of border control between the Czech Republic and Austria. Spain has my heart, especially since my grandparents bought their own apartment on Costa del Sol. Curiously enough, I’ve never been to Italy, France or Norway – but I hope to fix that one day.

Where does all this rambling lead us? I’m pretty good at stressing out about travelling – and prepping for travels. I’ve gotten that from my mom: she makes lists and organizes absolutely everything. Since I am just about to leave the country myself, I figured I would share with you my checklist for going on a vacation, starting from booking!

You might be thinking Great, but I want this printed on my fridge door – and I totally get you! That’s why I made a printable. The download link is right below.









✘ Secure your transportation to/from the airport. If you ask early (and nicely) enough, you can probably get a ride.

✘ Start looking into purchases you have to make: do you own appropriate clothes or gear, is your suitcase still intact, etc.

✘ Check that your passport and travel insurance are valid.

✘ Celebrate! Pour yourself a glass of wine and gloat on social media. (Okay, maybe not that last one?)


Actually bless IKEA for selling these.




✘ Make your last online purchases – this ensures that they will actually be shipped to you before take-off. (Obviously you can always get next-day delivery or whatever, but it’s expensive.)

✘ Figure out your bag situation: how many pieces of luggage you’ll be checking in. I have a guide on packing here.

✘ If you need a pet sitter or someone to water your plants, make the phone calls now!




✘ Only buy small amounts of food, go through your fridge/ pantry to see what might spoil while you are away.

✘ Make a schedule for washing your clothes and cleaning your home, i.e. cancel your other plans

✘ Take care of work/ school deadlines that are coming up. Try to finish any assignments you have due.




✘ Get your bag out and start putting aside clothes you’ll want to pack.

✘ Do your laundry!

✘ Make a list of everything you’ll need – including toiletries, clothes, equipment, etc.

✘ Exfoliate, shave/ wax, apply a fake tan.


This bag is massive. It’s also brighter than my future. (Invest in luggage that you will recognize at the airport!)




✘ Use up all food items that might spoil. Freeze anything that is leftover.

✘ Buy snacks for the trip and make sure you have food at home upon arrival.

✘ Water your plants, recycle, make sure you haven’t forgotten about any deadlines.

✘ Withdraw cash, and exchange money if needed.

✘ Empty any unnecessary cards and receipts from your wallet.

✘ Do your nails.




✘ Take out the trash, make sure your fridge/ pantry are cleared.

✘ Pack last-minute items, like your toothbrush and make-up bag.

✘ Unplug any electronic devices you have at home, turn off the lights, and turn down the heating system.


Remember that travelling should be fun! Just don’t overpack and get to the airport on time – everything else will follow.


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