Hair tips, tricks and hacks – for healthier and prettier hair

Oh, hair. If you have it, you have probably at some point wished you didn’t. It tangles, gets frizzy, gets greasy, looks like wet noodles, and just simply won’t do as you wish. Naturally straight hair? You probably wish it had more texture. Curls? You have at some point straightened the hell out of it. Not to mention the blonde vs brunette struggle.

Why the heck not talk about hair? It’s there, on top of your head right now – at least I’m assuming that’s why you’re reading this. Hair is also something that a lot of people find defines a major chunk of their overall look. At least I know I will feel like crap all day if I leave the house with dirty hair.

I have conveniently (word of the day, clearly) categorized my advice. Starting off with basic rookie mistakes and moving on to more specific stuff, this is all you need to improve your hair!





✘ Don’t just read the label – actually understand which product you are buying. I’ve been there: I used blonde dye as opposed to bleach several times.

✘ Never ever do major changes at home. Again, I have done this.  Pay someone to do it properly the first time, rather than risk spending even more money to fix it!

✘ Processing and heating the crap out of your hair is bad. If you want to change your hair colour, it should be done gradually and gently. Also, don’t use multiple heat styling tools during one day – so if you want to do curls, either air dry or use hair rollers.





✘ Search for salons or stylists who know their stuff – especially if you want to change your style drastically or use a specific technique. If you’re looking to do some balayage highlights, you’ll be in much better hands with someone who specializes in that technique.

✘ Compare prices. Location affects the end cost of your haircut – whether it’s downtown, or they’re just renting a chair or even operating from home. Very similar services can have very different price tags depending also on branding and years of experience.

✘ Trust students! If you’re lucky enough to live close to a hair styling school, definitely utilize the services. I’ve been getting student cuts for a couple of years now, and I’m insanely happy. A haircut costs you less than 20€ (including wash and styling!), and when I trimmed my bangs before the holidays, it was 6€. These are also the people with the newest knowledge about different styles and techniques.





✘ Trying to grow out your hair? Get regular cuts! Having your hair styled enables you to still feel confident every step of the way.

Coconut. Oil. Rub into any dry spots (usually the ends) and let sit anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. It works like a really simple hair mask, and protects damaged hair from harsh shampoos.

✘ Use appropriate products for your hair colour and texture. Avoid anything with sulfates if you suffer from dryness (or want to keep your dyed colour vibrant), maintain cool tones with purple products, and moisturize textured hair with creamy, oil-based conditioners.

✘ Avoid washing your hair constantly. I have a 3-day cycle that allows my hair to look presentable without drying it out. Try brushing corn starch or cocoa powder through your hair in between washes to maintain a fresh look – without the price and chemical overload of dry shampoos.

✘ Gently brush your hair while in the shower. I like to apply conditioner and then brush it through to make sure it’s evenly distributed. An easy way to achieve soft, untangled hair!


What are your fave hair-related tips? Share with me! If you’re looking for advice on how to care for your face, click here for my face routine – it’s cruelty free.


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