“First Aid Kit”: Cheap, customizable gift idea (for birthday, housewarming…)

My friend invited me to her housewarming party – the day before the party. How do you find a gift that fast?


I know, I know. Sometimes you don’t have to bring anything. I just really wanted to! Giving gifts is a lot of fun, and they can be really special. My only rule is that the gift needs to serve a purpose: no extra clutter, please.

I got the idea for this when I saw super cute band-aid boxes at Flying Tiger. I will admit that this gift is partly inspired by those “In case of emergency, break glass” gift boxes. However, what’s the point of gifting perishable items like nail polish and candy, in a shadow box frame? My friend lives in a studio, I’m sure she doesn’t need a bulky photo frame lying around! We built this kit with that in mind. The whole thing is packed into a brown paper bag – those are super trendy right now, and we were able to pick it up for free from the fruit and veg aisle! (The bag can totally be repurposed for food waste, in place of a biodegradable trash bag.)

Oh, and this gift is customizable! It’s just a more modern and lowkey take on a gift basket. Find items that the receiver might like or need, and try to stay within your budget. I find that the emergency theme is super easy, since the items we picked out are inexpensive and will get used! A bag full of cosmetics, for example, might quickly get very expensive, and you will have to know exactly what products the person uses. I’d say think small with this one!




For our version (10€) you will need:

Mini liquor bottles

A cute set of band-aids (we bought extra band-aids for blisters as well)

Mini hand-sanitizer

Chocolate bar

Brown paper bag

Black marker and painter’s tape


Other ideas:

Condoms (properly packaged!)

Mini toothpaste

Nail file

Breath mints

Recipe cards

Keychain or phone accessory

Plant seeds

Travel-size sudoku or coloring book



Write your message on the bag. We chose “First Aid” and a cross (sorry Red Cross!) to mimic a medicine cabinet, and to jokingly refer to the contents. You can make the bag into e.g. a birthday card as well! Then just pop everything in, fold, and close with tape.


What would you put into your own personalized “first aid kit”? Let me know!


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