3 Ingredient shaving cream + Tips for the perfect shave!

Want to achieve super soft, nourished and glowing skin? Ditch the store-bought shaving creams for a homemade fix! The natural mix of hydrating ingredients will bring a little bit of luxury to any day.


I recently moved houses. If you’ve ever had to uproot your life (which I’ve done 4 times in the past 4 years), you’ll understand why finding the time to relax and pamper yourself is super important! Something about living out of a box and not finding your Chromecast, that just makes you crave some stress-free time.

That’s where this post comes in! A good way to bring a little ‘me time’ into any day of the week is a long shower or bath – play some music (or put on your favourite Netflix show) and pamper yourself. For me a part of the routine is shaving: the steam and warm water make your skin smoother, and help you get a really close shave. Unfortunately, store-bought shaving creams have always left my skin dry and itchy – quite the opposite of relaxing.

The cool thing about this shaving cream recipe is that it is hydrating and natural, which means that if I feel like shaving, I can actually enjoy myself even after I step out of the shower. It smells great, feels great, and leaves your skin super smooth and hydrated – so let’s get into it!



You’ll need:

Shea butter

Coconut oil

Liquid castile soap

You’re going to use equal parts shea butter and coconut oil. The amount of soap is approximately 1 tbsp per ½ cup.




Place your shea butter into a bowl and beat it with an electric mixer. Once you break it down, add the coconut oil and castile soap. Mix the ingredients together. If the mixture is not whipping up, pop it into the fridge for 5-15 minutes, and once it has solidified, whip it.

Sanitize a glass jar by pouring in boiling water. Spoon in your shaving cream, and you’re done! Store in the fridge, and re-whip, if needed.




✘ Don’t shave in a rush! Make time for yourself, turn on some music and be careful.

✘ Apply baby oil before stepping into the shower. It’ll make your body hair smoother.

✘ Shave at the end of your shower/ bath. This will also allow your skin to soften up.

✘ Exfoliate! I like to mix sugar with either shower gel or coconut oil, but you can obviously use a store-bought product instead.

✘ Always use sharp blades: switch in a fresh one before starting, and rinse it after a few strokes.

✘ Apply the homemade shaving cream generously!

✘ Finish off with a proper rinse, pat your skin dry, and apply a good moisturizer – I like aloe vera gel for its light consistency.

✘ Like to self tan? Do this routine approximately 24 hours prior to applying the product for the best results!


What’s your go-to pampering routine? I think it’s super fun to just pretend I’m at a spa for an hour! As a follow-up I recommend clean sheets and chocolate ice cream…


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