Ecological lifestyle for imperfect people

Environmentalism, going green, eco-friendly, whatever you want to call it you know it’s been the hottest topic of the recent years. Ironically enough it is literally the hottest. Consider this your fair warning: this post is not for you if you do not believe that climate change is real and very much happening right now.

With that out of the way I do believe that taking action against global warming has become a race of who can be the most eco-friendly and do it perfectly. This is exactly what inspired me to even start writing this post! Some people have very cleverly said that we don’t need handful of people who are doing these things perfectly; we need everyone to do it imperfectly.

So, today I am covering some of the most common sins that I am also guilty of myself. This post is not about doing it perfectly. This is specifically about damage control and how you can do better next time around. I strongly believe that we all want to do better for this Earth but it just takes some time. I mean, how many of us got on a bike and learned how to ride the first time?

1. You ordered clothes from a store that not only is fast fashion but also uses a lot of plastic in their packaging.

Fix it: Take care of the packaging properly and recycle the plastic. As for the clothing, swear to take good care of it. Look after your fast fashion items as if they were slow fashion, and cost you three times as much. If there’s something you don’t like or an item breaks, mend it or give it a new life by donating/selling.

For future reference: Look for stores that match your values. Make an effort to find places that don’t use plastic in their packaging and use sustainable, quality materials. I know you’ve probably heard this 1,000 times, but invest in quality. Also, a major tip: buy second hand.

Such a lucky thrift store find ♥

2. Time for a vacation! You’ve booked flights and an Airbnb from pretty much across the globe.

Fix it: Most airlines these days offer CO2 compensation for their flights. Type into Google your airline + CO2 compensation and you should find it. When you get there, avoid any activities and places that exploit local people, nature, and animals.

For future reference: Try to avoid flying. We’ve grown up thinking that people who fly are successful and cultured, but this has to change: there is nothing ‘cultured’ about the emissions! Look for places that you can reach by bus/train/bike, good places to get you started are cities’ own websites and Atlas Obscura.

Trying to make trains look boujee 👑 Please note that my feet are not on the table!

3. Too much food in the house. You and your SO/roommate both got bread, there’s fruit and veggies that are not looking so good anymore, that juice was definitely opened like 3 weeks ago…

Fix it: Salvage what you can. You can extend food’s life a bit by popping it in the freezer, and stale bread can be turned into French toast or croutons. If your fruit and veg are starting to look a little sad, use them in a sauce or a smoothie. Food that is definitely expired or gone bad needs to go, but make sure to throw them into biodegradable waste and recycle any store-bought packaging properly!

A cool way to use up all that kale you bought: green smoothie.

For future reference: Plan before you buy. It’s smart to buy in bulk, but for small households stick to only stocking up stuff that lasts. Pro tip: eve freezers won’t keep food fresh forever. If a food item is in crazy good sale, plan a couple of different dishes where you can use it. With super perishable items, it might be a good idea to buy frozen. I know that frozen fruit and veg have gotten a bad rep, but they are super handy.

Did these tips help you in the slightest? I hope the takeaway from this is that even if you something ‘bad’ there are always ways to make up for it. We need everyone’s effort – keep pushing! Oh, and don’t forget to leave your best eco-tips in the comments 😊

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