About the blog

Urban Loving is a play on the words ‘urban living’. When I started this blog, it was all about the urban lifestyle, but it’s developed into so much more. It is an authentic, uncomplicated view of the millennial life in modern Scandinavia. (Why? Read about me below!)

The content is focused around fashion and current topics, with a side of recipes and personal stories. I’m into different ‘life hacks’, and learning how to make things easier – and Urban Loving is a platform for sharing it all with you!

About the author

I’m a 90s baby, born and raised in Scandinavia. On this blog I go by A.E., the first letters of my two first names Ada and Eeva (I have three in total). I’m currently working in finance as a customer advisor, volunteering, and trying to figure out my life. I live together with my lovely partner S in a downtown apartment.

I’m¬†obsessed with horror, bunnies, and red wine – not necessarily in that order. In the past few years I’ve grown a keen interest in visuality, which truly shows in my social medias. Other topics that I’m into include human rights, environmentalism, and health.

Writing has always been important to me: I have written a diary, as well as short stories and plays from a young age. I’ve also started and buried several blogs in my lifetime, in both my native language and English. In school I loved writing essays and reports, and literature stood out as my favourite subject – no wonder I keep coming back to writing as way of self-expression.